1. Purchase tickets & reschedule time
    Purchase tickets & reschedule time: 05:00-01:00 (23:30 on Tuesdays, any other time please visit your nearest railway station). Other services such as refunds are available throughout the day.
  2. Identity verification
    Passenger verifies status displays as Unverified or not pass, identity verification is required before purchasing tickets. Passenger verifies status displays as pending, can purchase tickets and have your identity verified before taking the train. Please go to the train station for identity verification with your original valid documents.
  3. Chinese mobile number verification(+86)
    After registering an account, you need to verify your phone number before purchase. After verification of the phone and the phone can be used to retrieve login password feature.
  4. Online pre-sale period
    Online pre-sale tickets up to 15 days.
  5. Pay orders
    Please pay order within 30 minutes (2 hours before driving is 10 minutes), otherwise the order will cancel.
  6. Consultation phone
    Registration duplication, no ticket after payment, refunds have not arrived and other issues, please call to consult: tel:12306 (021-12306 English-speaking Customer service is available)
  7. Reschedule and Refund Rules
  8. Tickets for children
    Children traveling with adults who are over 6 years old and under 14 years old should purchase a child discount ticket; If you are 14 years of age or older, you should purchase a full-price ticket. Each adult passenger with a ticket holder can bring one child under the age of 6 who does not occupy a separate seat on the bus free of charge, and if there is more than one, the child discount ticket shall be purchased for the excess number. Children's ages are calculated based on the date of travel.
  9. Tickets pick up
    E-tickets do not require ticket collection, show the ID document to check-in and out of the station and get aboard the train.
  10. All dates and times are Beijing Time (UTC+8).